Information Technology

The Gloucester County Office of Information Technology (IT) is charged with the evaluation, implementation, and management of computer technology and programs throughout the County.

The Office functions include research of the ever-changing world of computer technology with a focus on application software. Due to tremendous changes in hardware investment, IT evaluates and assists in capital purchases.

IT also handles all telephone services for the county offices.


To be perceived as a "best of breed" technical service organization which state and local governments would not hesitate to emulate.


To protect, maintain, monitor, and manage technology assets supporting business critical systems and information in a way that minimizes unplanned outages, anticipates dynamic business needs, and strengthens strategic business partnerships.

We ensure quality, scope, and timely delivery of services will be maximized at reasonable costs.

Strategy (Multi-Year)

A three year strategy (management eyes only) has been developed for evolving IT as a strategic business partner. The actual scope and execution timing for this multi-year strategy will be dependent upon the degree of management support. This strategy explains "how" we will transition our department whereas goals/objectives define "what" we need to do for successfully satisfying client needs.


IT goals are as follows:

  1. To provide efficient, effective, and timely support at lowest possible cost as measured by internal client/management feedback and performance against objectives
  2. To improve speed of product/systems delivery as measured by internal client/management feedback, historical comparisons, and performance against objectives
  3. To build and maintain a flexible, reliable, scalable, robust, secure technology architecture platform in support of mission critical applications as measured by actual (versus planned) "up" time, internal client/management feedback, and performance against objectives
  4. To strengthen stakeholder trust/respect relationships as measured by stakeholder feedback and performance against objectives


As our organization evolves and we get more sophisticated in performance measurement techniques, specific objectives will be tied to each goal. Individual employee goals and objective are included in routine work plans and are subordinate to department goals and objectives. Some current objectives include:

  • Adherence to processes, procedures, and standard practices
  • Approved Annual Work Plan
  • Approved Project Plans
  • Client Service Level Agreements (to be determined)
  • Support Request Log