Guiding Principles

The proper mindset is critical for any service provider organization.

Guiding principles for modeling day to day behavior in our mission quest are outlined as follows:

  • Adhere to established Human Resource Department policies.
  • Recognize people as our most important asset and try to treat people right. Focus on empowerment and accountability.
  • Talk to clients and customers in business terms.
  • Recognize processes manage people and leaders manage by exception (to processes).
  • Consistently demonstrate a service oriented mentality. Without our clients, we have no jobs.
  • We are here to assist clients in providing services to the community and government. This does not mean we arbitrarily set aside processes and do everything a client wants when s/he wants it.Understand that the number one problem in the world (and industry) today is poor communications and act accordingly.
  • Ongoing skill set development is vital for maintaining our technology infrastructure.
  • Productivity can be maximized by eliminating unnecessary work, shedding non-technical work, and automating work as appropriate.
  • Productivity can be maximized by reducing errors and "redo" work via better planning, management control, and reporting. Purchase software tools to facilitate this effort.
  • Managing client expectations is more important than getting everything done on your work list. This often requires a "big picture" understanding and timely client discussions regarding alternatives and trade-offs.
  • Don't attempt to cure world hunger. Focus on managing expectations of key stakeholders and leverage them to manage expectations of others.
  • Unless we can effectively measure performance and progress, it will be difficult to justify additional incremental resources (people, money, equipment, training, etc.).