Nature at Night

Nature at Night is held on the 3rd Thursday of January through April 7pm-8pm. Nature at Night is a special nature presentation open to the public. Presentations are full of beautiful images and real animals are on display. This program is free but, due to limited space registration is required. Click here to register online or call 856-251-6710.

February 15 (Registration opens 2/8)

Can you recognize the venomous Timber rattlesnake? Are you familiar with the Northern Pinesnake, a threatened species that helps us protect remaining areas of the Pinelands? Are you aware that there is no such thing as a “gardener snake?” Have you ever met a Musk Turtle, which are aquatic animals that are terrible swimmers? Do you brake for N. Diamondback Terrapins when they are crossing roads? Join Matt Bealor to learn about the amazing diversity of reptiles found in south Jersey and meet many of them by getting up close and personal with several species.

March 21 (Registration opens 3/14)
Join Senior Zoologist Bill Pitts of NJ Fish & Wildlife’s Endangered & Nongame Species Program to find out more about some of the rare species you can find throughout the diverse ecosystems of South Jersey.

April 18 (Registration opens 4/11)

Dr. Alicia Shenko, associate professor, Delaware Valley University’s Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation explores the fascinating world of hidden (and not so hidden) mammals that live in your backyard, and common ways you can easily observe their secret movements!