Nature at Night

Nature at Night is held monthly on a Thursday night. Nature at Night is a special nature presentation open to the public  Presentations are full of beautiful images and real animals are on display. This program is free but due to limited space registration is required. Click here to register online or call 856-251-6710.

January 19 (Registration opens 1/12)

Join Michael McGraw, Senior Wildlife Biologist at Resource Environmental Solutions LLC, for a journey through the Wonderful World of Reptiles. Come see live reptiles native to the area and learn more about these cold-blooded critters!

February 16 (Registration opens 2/9)

Melissa Laurino sails with the Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center on coastal whale and dolphin watches to learn more about the migration, movement and distribution of marine mammals. Join us as she shares her experiences in this exciting presentation! 

March 16 (Registration opens 3/9)
Dr. Alicia Shenko, associate professor, Delaware Valley University’s Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation explores the fascinating world of hidden (and not so hidden) mammals that live in your backyard, and common ways you can easily observe their secret movements!

April 20 (Registration opens 4/13)

Let's explore nature's nightlife! Join Kyrstin Schwarz from Briar Bush Nature Center as we dive into the world of nocturnal animals. We'll meet a variety of our nocturnal live animal ambassadors, learn about their specialized senses, and discover how they are adapted for life at night.