Educational Programs

Coast Garter Snake on the Forest FloorVirtual Nature Lessons

Gloucester County Parks and Recreation is offering virtual lessons on various nature topics. The virtual lessons will feature slide shows with narrations by Dr. Daniel Duran, Gloucester County Park Naturalist. Presentations last 30 to 60 minutes (flexible) with time for questions and answers. Park educators can present in Google Classroom or Zoom to offer live instruction.


What Do Insects Do

When you think of insects, what do you think of?  Did you know that well over 99% of insects are not pests, but are actually beneficial!  This program will explore the many fascinating aspects of insects and how important they are to our very survival!  

Amazing Snakes

This program will educate participants about the amazing and beautiful world of snakes, with a focus on the two dozen species found right here in New Jersey.  We'll cut through the many myths and misconceptions that surround snakes.

Wildlife of the Deserts

This program will explore some of the most beautiful places on Earth - deserts!  Come learn about the incredible wildlife that lives in the deserts.  See beautiful blooming cacti and alien-looking beetles.  Dr. Duran will showcase many pictures he's taken in the National Parks of the American Southwest.  

Contact Us

Educators interested in scheduling a virtual session can email Dan Duran or email Kim Miller.