Animal Control Services

The Animal Control Division provides many animal-related services to the residents of Gloucester County.

Calling Animal Control

When calling 856-881-2828 after-hours, you will be instructed to make a selection:

  • 1 for a non-emergency situation 
  • 2 for an emergency. If you select 2 for an emergency you will be transferred to a 911 Dispatcher, who will assess your emergency.

We ask that residents report only emergencies on the system and use the non-emergency line for any other information.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  1. Animal Bites
  2. Animal Cruelty
  3. Bats / West Nile Virus
  4. Deceased Animals
  5. Emergency Services
  6. Stray Animals
  7. Traps
  8. Wildlife

ACOs will investigate any report of an animal bite and report it to the Gloucester County Health Department. In some cases, the animal may be quarantined at the Animal Shelter at the cost of the owner. ACOs will also investigate and enforce the State law regarding Vicious and Potentially Dangerous animals.