2023 Flu Clinic Information




If you need to register multiple people (i.e. parent and children) and only have one email address, or you do not have an email address, (enter "none" in email) use Care request link below. 

Remember, the parent has to sign the consent form for any child under the age of 18 years.

*New Users:

Use the QR code below: 

QR Code - New Users

or click on the following link:

Medicat Connect - New Users


If you already have a Medicat patient portal with Gloucester County Health Department you can log into your portal and complete a flu consent under the "forms" tab. 

If you have an individual email address, you can create an account in our patient portal by clicking the link below or scanning the QR code. 

Note: you must have an email address to create a patient portal account. Once your account is created, complete an influenza consent form under the "forms" tab.

*Existing Users:

For patient portal, use the QR code below: 

QR Code - Existing Users

or click the following link: 

Medicat Connect - Existing Users

EXISTING USERS – Log in, and then Under the “forms” tab complete an Influenza consent form and click “Submit”.  Attend a county flu clinic of your choice within 60 days. If you do not remember your user name please call us at (856) 218-4102.  If you forgot your password click “reset password” from the log in page.

NEW USERS – Click “Register” – click “Create New account” – complete information – click “submit”.  If you get a “patient already exists” message click “cancel” – click “sign up” create a user name and enter other required information – click “submit.” You should get a message that a link was sent to your email to create a password. 

If you have any problems with registering please call us at (856) 218-4102 so we can assist you.

Attend one of our scheduled flu clinics within 60 days of registering


What if I do not have access to a computer?  

  • You can register from a smart phone 
  • A family member can assist you with registering if they have a computer or smart phone
  • You can call our office and we can assist you with registering (856) 218-4102
  • We can register you when you walk in for the clinic but your visit will take significantly longer 


What if I need a receipt that I received my vaccine?

  • You may download the Docket app to your mobile device and get proof just as you did for your covid vaccines.
  • You can access via your patient portal 


Gloucester County Influenza Clinics

The Board of Commissioners schedules flu shot clinics to help keep Gloucester County families healthy every flu season. For questions regarding the Gloucester County Flu Program contact 856-218-4102


  • Drive-through clinics help those citizens who have difficulty walking or standing in lines get their shot.
  • Designated pre-school/daycare/family clinics are scheduled for families with children 18 years and younger. All family members can get vaccinated at the same time.
  • Clinics are scheduled on weekdays, weekends, and during evening hours.

Children & the Flu Vaccine

  • Children are encouraged to see their pediatrician for vaccination.
  • Children without a pediatrician, under the age of 5, should attend the scheduled "preschool/daycare/family clinics".
  • Children ages 6 months to 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If a legal guardian, please bring proper documentation.
  • Children under the age of 9 receiving flu immunizations for the first time need a second shot at least 4 weeks after the 1st.
  • Preschool children attending a licensed daycare facility must have received their mandatory flu immunization before December 31st to be allowed to attend daycare the following year.


  • Some people should check with a doctor before taking the flu vaccine:
    • Persons on immunosuppressive therapy (cancer treatment or steroid therapy).
    • Those with a fever or who have been ill with something more serious than a cold in the last 48 hours.
  • Some people should only receive their flu vaccine from their doctor:
    • Those with a severe allergy to any vaccine component.
    • Those who are allergic to eggs.
    • Those with multiple sclerosis or previous attacks of Guillain-Barre' Syndrome (a severe paralytic illness, also called GBS).

Helpful Tips

In order for everyone to have a smooth flu experience we've provided some helpful tips for the Clinics:

  • Have a driver's license or another form of identification ready upon entering a clinic. You will need to show proof of county residency.
  • Keep your belongings with you at all times, you will not wait long.
  • Wear clothes that will permit you to easily expose the top of your dominant arm like short sleeves, loose-fitting jackets, and tops.
  • Clinics will begin and end as scheduled.