Public Health Emergency Preparedness


Gloucester is one of 22 Local Information Network and Communication Systems (LINCS) agencies in New Jersey that is responsible for the distribution of life-saving antibiotics and other medication in response to a disease outbreak, biological or chemical attack. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires LINCS agencies to develop plans to distribute this medication.

Training & Exercising

In order to test plan work, several drills/exercises are conducted each year which include the Office of Medical Reserve CorpsEmergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, local healthcare facilities, and more. An essential component involves the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). 

Points of Dispensing (POD)

In Gloucester County, a POD is very similar to a flu shot clinic. In an emergency, however, additional steps need to be taken to ensure the dispensing area is safe and secure for all residents. Similar to a flu clinic, residents will be asked to answer questions regarding allergies and existing medical conditions. If the medication is dispensed is in pill form, one family member will be asked to pick up pills for the whole family. Anyone assisting those with mobility or transportation limitations is encouraged to pick up medication for those individuals.

First Responder & Closed POD Plans

Emergency plans are in place to distribute medications to First Responders. First Responders may include EMS, law enforcement, firefighters, and other essential personnel dependent upon the situation. Businesses and organizations that are interested in distributing medication to their employees and their families. can register to become a Closed POD (PDF).

Prepare for an Emergency

You need to take action to be prepared!  Simple steps like stockpiling food, water, and medications make a big difference in managing your family during a crisis. View more tips.