Managing the Machines

Opening the Polls

  1. Determine the location of the Electronic Voting Machine.
  2. Secure the machine in position by locking swivel castors. Plugin the machine.
  3. Compare the machine numbers with machine keys.
  4. With the Yellow key, open the back door.
  5. Remove the Operator Panel from the back of the machine and place it on either side.
  6. Turn the power switch (red knob) on.
  7. When the Operator Panel reads "Ready to Open Polls" insert the Silver Key into the Open/Close Key switch and turn to Polls Open. (Turn the Key a quarter turn to the left into the vertical position) Remove silver key. It is not needed until close. The "Official Zero Proof Report" starts.
  8. Lift the voter panel into the upright position.
  9. Open the front doors and pull up the Top Privacy Panel and hang on the side privacy panels.
  10. Remove the Privacy curtains from the Storage Tube in the back of the machine and put in place in the curtain hangers found on the inside side privacy panels.
  11. Finish lifting the voter panel into position by pulling the Maroon Latch Release Handle from the back of the machine as far as you can.
  12. When the "Zero Proof Report" is complete, review to be sure all voting positions are at zero. All Board Workers must sign the report and then place it in the County Clerk's Envelope.
  13. Close rear door lock with Yellow Key and put keys away.

Activating the Machine

  1. Accept Voting Authority Slip from Voter.
  2. Press the green activate button on the Operator Panel. A tone will be heard. The side LCD Display will show "Voter Active". The light next to the activate button will be lit. For Primary Only: Press number next to Party Affiliation first, then activate.
  3. When the voter finishes voting and the CAST VOTE button is pressed, a tone will sound again. The LCD display on the Operator Panel will display "Ready for Voter". The public counter and protective counter will advance by one each time a voter casts a vote.
  4. Do not activate the machine until a voter is present.

Closing the Polls

  1. Unlock the rear door with Yellow Key.
  2. Close Polls by inserting Silver Key in the Open\Close key switch. Turn key one quarter to the right. Remove the key. The machine will automatically begin printing the "Official Election Result Report".
  3. Begin to close the front of the machine by removing curtains and put back into the storage tube. Unlatch the Top Privacy Panel, fold-down. Fold in Side Privacy Panels.
  4. Lower the Voter Panel using the Maroon Latch Release Handle. Do not force the panel down.
  5. When the printer stops, tear off the tape. The Board Workers sign and date all of the "Official Election Result Reports" and place them in proper envelopes.
  6. Complete the tally sheet as instructed by the County Clerk.
  7. Remove the results cartridge from the back of the machine. Press the Silver button, on top of the cartridge down, to remove it.
  8. When all reports are printed, turn the power switch to off.
  9. Place the Operator Panel in the back of the machine. Unplug the machine.
  10. Lock the rear door with Yellow Key. Place keys in key envelope.