Records Management

The County Clerk's Records Management Division aids all county departments and county municipalities in organizing and managing both paper and electronic records under the rules set forth by the State of New Jersey's Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. 


The principle goal of the division is to expand and promote county/municipal records management solidarity through education, cost sharing, shared technology, and conjoint records management.


Principle activities include:

  • Aiding county departments in records retention scheduling
  • Aiding in the organization and purging of records
  • Aiding municipalities with general records management standards and procedures
  • Evaluating historical documents and working with the Gloucester County Historical Society regarding the preservation and conservation of records
  • Organizing microfilming projects
  • Providing general research and recommendations on best practices and standard procedures regarding records management
  • Providing information and guidance on imaging systems
  • Reviewing and renewing state registered electronic document management system (EDMS)