An invoice is a document which itemizes charges for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment or services which have been furnished. It is the means by which the supplier informs the County of its obligations and should contain the same basic information as the purchase order. Prompt processing of invoices for the settlement of obligations is very important because it may have a favorable or unfavorable affect on the relationship between the County and its suppliers.

Invoices should be submitted to the Purchasing Department along with a signed voucher for the same.

What an Invoice Should Contain

An invoice should contain:

  • Date of delivery
  • Date of order
  • Delivery and cartage should be listed separately from the materials and supplies
  • Destination of delivery quantities, prices, (both unit and total), terms and any other charges contained in the purchase order
  • Purchase order number
  • Terms Itemized list of materials or services rendered

Who Receives Invoices

The Using Department receives all invoices from suppliers and/or contractors. They will then match the invoice with the signed voucher and receiving report. After all paper work is submitted the receiving report is prepared by the Using Department and all paperwork is forwarded to Purchasing to be processed for payment.