Surplus Property

There are occasions when the County becomes the seller and actively seeks buyers. This happens when surplus materials, obsolete equipment, etc. become available through the various County departments. These are tangible property which is no longer of use to any County department. Items generally classified as surplus have been determined by Gloucester County to be obsolete, uneconomical to repair, or valued only for their base contents. Also included is confiscated and unclaimed property held by the Office of the Prosecutor.

Surplus items which are not needed or which are not suitable for public use shall be disposed of as the need arises. Such disposal shall be the responsibility of the Purchasing Department, except that miscellaneous items either worn out or broken having no useful value shall be disposed of by the individual departments; examples include:

  • Broken tools
  • Gloves
  • Minor small articles
  • Raincoats, etc.

Method of Disposition

Surplus, worn out or obsolete materials and equipment which have no further practical use may be disposed of in any of the following ways:

  • By transferring to another department
  • By trading in on new equipment
  • By advertising for sealed bid sale
  • By selling as scrap
  • By sale at public auction as arranged by the Purchasing Agent

Each department, division or authority shall report its surplus or obsolete stock, equipment or materials to the Purchasing Department. If the surplus material is to be sold, it will be done by the Purchasing Department upon precise specifications concerning the item(s) and upon an order of sale approved by the Purchasing Agent in the following manner:

  • Advertise for sealed bids on specified surplus materials and equipment in accordance with state statutes.

Public Auction

Public Auction and Sealed Bid Sales will be advertised in the local newspaper. All items are sold in "as is, where-is" condition, with the purchaser responsible for removal. The Purchasing Director will review all bids, select the successful bidder, and prepare a sales order for items under $100,000. All sales of a value exceeding $17,500 shall require approval of the Board of County Commissioners.