Using Department Procedures

Procedure in Departments

After receipt of materials and after inspecting and/or testing, the user department shall sign packing slips presented by the vendor and complete the receiver. Any variation in quantity shall be noted on the delivery ticket or receiver. If the quantity does not agree with the suppliers delivery ticket, the Purchasing Department shall be notified of the discrepancy. If the materials delivered are not in conformance with the specifications and are not acceptable by the using department/division, they shall notify Purchasing at once of the reasons of withholding acceptance.

The Purchasing Department will take immediate action to require replacement by the supplier or otherwise take action to supply the using department with the needed materials.

Testing & Inspection

The importance of adequate testing and inspection cannot be over emphasized. Not only does inspection prevent the direct loss from occurring from acceptance of and payment for defective materials, it also has a salutary effect on vendors since the knowledge that materials will be carefully inspected and tested deters the shipment of inferior goods. It identifies those manufacturers whose products consistently conform to specifications and those who habitually take full advantage of the maximum tolerances permitted. Finally, adequate inspection brings to the attention of the vendor, faults in their products which they must remedy before future purchases are made.

Report of Unsatisfactory Material/Services


The Report of Unsatisfactory Materials or Services can be utilized to inform the Purchasing Department of any difficulties due to poor service on blanket orders, contracts, or quality of materials received which do not meet specification requirements. This shall not be utilized as an expediting tool.

A properly prepared Report of Unsatisfactory Materials or Services will contain the following information:

  • All available documentation shall be attached
  • Brief statement of exactly what the problem is, and why the product or service is unacceptable
  • Date
  • Department head signature
  • Purchase order number
  • User department/division and contact person
  • Vendor name and address

The Report of Unsatisfactory Materials or Services shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Department. Purchasing will send a complaint to the vendor for their response. The user department shall be notified as to the vendor's response and any action to be taken by the Purchasing Department.