Fair Housing & Citizen Participation

Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (RARAP)

The Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, and the HOME Investment Partnerships Act (HOME) Program, require all grantees of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds or HOME funds to follow a written Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (RARAP) for any activity which could lead to displacement of occupants whose property is receiving funds from these or other federal funding sources. This RARAP has been developed in response to federal legislation and is intended to inform the public of the compliance of the County of Gloucester with these requirements. The Plan outlines reasonable steps which the County of Gloucester will take to minimize displacement and ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state relocation requirements.

Fair Housing - Your Rights & Responsibilities

The Fair Housing Act of 1968, and subsequent amendments, prohibits discrimination in housing based on race or color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Everyone deserves a fair chance. If you suspect unfair housing practices, contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Fair Housing Hotline by calling 800-669-9777 (or 800-927-9275 for the TDD hotline), or the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights at 856-614-2550

Fair Housing Officer

Anthony Wilcox is the appointed Fair Housing Officer for the County of Gloucester and can be reached at:
Gloucester County Administration Building
2 South Broad Street (2nd Floor)
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Phone: 856-384-6991
Fax: 856-384-6995


Citizen Participation

We have provided documents submitted to HUD and made available to the public pursuant to the County’s Citizen Participation Plan:

  1. 2015 to 2019 Consolidated Plan - 2015 Action Plan Part 1 (PDF)
  2. 2015 to 2019 Consolidated Plan - 2015 Action Plan Part 2 (PDF)
  3. 2015 to 2019 Consolidated Plan - 2015 Action Plan Part 3 (PDF)
  4. 2016 Action Plan (PDF)
  5. 2017 Action Plan (PDF)
  6. 2018 Action Plan (PDF)
  7. 2019 Action Plan (PDF)
  8. 2020 (Revised) Citizen Participation Plan (Draft) (PDF)
  9. 2020 to 2024 Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan (Draft) (PDF)
  10. Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (PDF)
  11. Language Assistance Plan (PDF)
  12. Notice of Public Hearing - Draft Consolidated Plan 2020 to 2024 and Substantial Amendment (PDF)
  13. Program Year 2015 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) (PDF)
  14. Program Year 2017 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) (PDF)
  15. Program Year 2018 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) (PDF)
  16. Substantial Amendment to Program Year 2019 Plan (Final) (PDF)
  17. CV-3 Substantial Amendment Summary (PDF)
  18. GloCo 2019 CAPER Final (pdf)
  19. PY 2021 Notice of Public Hearing and Substantial Amendment (pdf)
  20. GloCo 2021 Annual Action Plan DRAFT (pdf)
  21. Notice of Public Hearing Display Ad CDBG CV-2 (web)
  22. 2020 Gloucester County CAPER Draft Nov 2021 (pdf)
  23. GloCo 2020 CAPER (pdf)
  24. 2022 Annual Action Plan v1 (pdf)
  25. Notice of 2021 Substantial Amendment -- Woodbury Sewer to ADA (pdf)
  26. 2021 Gloucester County CAPER Draft 11-22 (PDF)
  27. SJ Times Notice of Public Hearing - HOME ARP 3.1.23 (pdf)
  28. Gloucester County Final HOME-ARP Allocation Plan (pdf)
  29. Gloucester Co 2023 Annual Action Plan DRAFT (pdf)
  30. Gloucester County 2022 CAPER (pdf)