Project Lifesaver

The Reliable Rescue Program For Wandering Victims of Alzheimer’s and Related Disabilities.

Sheriff Jonathan M. Sammons’ Project Lifesaver Team is specially trained, not only in search and rescue and the use of the electronic tracking equipment, but also in the methods necessary to communicate with a person who has Alzheimer’s or related disabilities. Locating the individual is only part of the mission. The person who is located will be disoriented, anxious, and untrusting. The Sheriff’s Project Lifesaver Team knows how to approach the person, gain their trust, and put them at ease for the trip home. 

How Project Lifesaver Works

Each wristband emits a unique pulse-carrier wage radio frequency tracking signal. When a participant is reported missing, a specially trained search-and-rescue team from the Office of the Sheriff responds to the wanderer’s area where this system has been used. Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes, which can mean the difference between life and death. It is a well known fact about 60 percent of people with Alzheimer’s wander at some point during their illness. This technology helps families with the never ending fear the person may wander and be unable to find their way home.

The Gloucester County Board of County Commissioners budgets for Project Lifesaver and the county funds the cost of the bracelet for qualified applicants.

The Gloucester County Office of the Sheriff is offering the caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s Disease, and related dementia disorders which cause confusion and memory impairment, peace of mind with the launching of “Project Lifesaver.” Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia disorders are at risk of becoming lost due to memory and cognitive changes that occur as part of the disease. Participants in the Project Lifesaver Program wear a one-ounce battery operated radio wrist transmitter that emits a tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. The signal can be tracked on the ground for one mile or in the air for five miles. 

Anyone who has a friend or relative with Alzheimer’s, or a disability where a patient might be prone to wander away, can contact the Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver Program at 856-384-4625. Bracelets are available to clients who qualify.