Working Cat Program

***Save a Feral, Adopt a Working Cat!***

(Clayton, NJ)—The Gloucester County Animal Shelter is looking for participants for its Working Cat Program.

Some cats may not be comfortable living in a traditional home setting so the Working Cat Program allows them to live out their life in a more suitable setting. Our cats are specifically selected to be part of this program due to certain behaviors. The cats in our program are not social or friendly. They have no desire to be pets or to be touched. Even though these kitties have no desire to interact with humans it does not mean they should not be able to live out a healthy and happy life. With your help of providing them shelter, access to food and water, and a save environment to live in they can have just that.

"Adopting a working cat is a winning situation for everyone. By welcoming a working cat to your property, you are supporting the safest way to control the rodent population in your barn and around your home or business,” said Director Frank J. Dimarco.

All working cats are fully vetted, including being spayed or neutered, before they leave. Individuals interested in adopting a working cat must be able to provide the cats with shelter, food, water and vet care.

Adopters will be required to acclimate the cats to their new home including creating a personal kennel including litter, food, water, cleaning their litter and giving fresh food and water daily. They must also take care of all veterinary needs including but not limited to regular checkups, rabies vaccines and deworming.

To apply to adopt a barn cat, click here

If anyone would like to donate used cat carriers and large dog crates for use in our working cat program they can be dropped off at the shelter. We occasionally do not get these items back after set up of the working cats, so we do not need brand new supplies. We would greatly appreciate the used items!