Gloucester County Diversity Council


  • Jacqueline Caban, Assistant Prosecutor - Chair
    Subcommittee on External Matters
  • Alec Gutierrez, Assistant Prosecutor
    Subcommittee on Internal Matters

Mission Statement

It is the solemn mission of the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office Diversity Council to ensure that the enforcement of law, in Gloucester County and as far beyond as it might be possible to reach, is entrusted to a community of law-enforcement officers as variegated in color, richly textured in ideal and as varied in personal history as the community of which is has chosen to be a part. The dire need for greater community representation in law enforcement affords no alternative to success in our mission, and propels us to explore every one of the myriad ways in which this need can be ameliorated.

From a concerted effort to connect to the youth in our communities such that law enforcement is not seen as being imposed from without but rather served from within to being a positive force for young men and women and reminding them that there is an important place for them in changing, improving and progressing law enforcement in the 21st Century, to altering hiring practices to ensure that the promises of inclusiveness are guaranteed to the next generation of law-enforcement officers and the communities they protect.

The Diversity Council will continue to push the evolution of the law enforcement community not in spite of the inevitable obstacles, but because of them.

2023 Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office Recruitment Strategy

2022 Annual Summary of Law Enforcement Diversity Report

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