Wage & Hour

The Wage and Hour Compliance Representative checks for Compliance with contractors or sub-contractors who have contracts with the County of Gloucester State of New Jersey only. We assist in the preparation of the course of legal action by conducting assigned research utilizing available resources should any violations be found.


  • Surveying County Contractor Wage - Hour data to insure that all contractor specifications and bids are strictly adhered to in the area of prevailing wages. Audit contractor and wages when necessary.
  • Forward all pertinent documents to the New Jersey Department of Labor Office of Wage - Hour Compliance for further investigation should any violations be noted.
  • Sends copies of all investigations where violations have been found to County Commissioner Director, Frank J. DiMarco, County Administrator Chad Bruner and County Counsel.
  • Attend all pre-bid meetings involving construction contracts in the County of Gloucester when possible.
  • Attend meetings of relevant construction Trade Unions and if necessary to advise unions of construction contract/s of any Wage - Hour violations of the prevailing Wage Act.
  • Complete any and all assignments and attend meetings under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners, and County Administration.
  • Responsible for Affirmative Actions (Manning Reports) for any violations and to notify proper authority.